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I’m a Pro Strongwoman/ multi-sport athlete, CPT, and business owner with a passion for breaking societal norms and helping others manifest their dreams by helping them unlock their hidden strength.

I started my athletic journey at a very young age where I ran my first 5k at 12 years old and began working in the weight room and teaching various classes at a local YMCA.

I grew up running track/cross country but due to an injury couldn’t pursue running in college.  I was a novice rower and earned a scholarship to be a member of the URI Division I women’s rowing team (2010-2014). 

Upon college graduation, I began a new journey with the sport of strongman where I helped women get the same respect males received in the sport: professional status. In 2017 I earned my pro card and went on to compete at the world level and have earned “3rd strongest woman in the world” for three consecutive years.

I have also competed in Superleague, Powerlifting and will be competing in the NPC women’s physique division. 

I started BDime Training LLC in 2018 and coach clients remotely, conduct seminars around the US, and share my passion for what strength can do for your quality of life with the world. In a world where social media is filled with negativity, filters, and far from reality I have always vowed to remain authentic to my followers.


  • B.S Communications/Journalism (University of Rhode Island)
  • Sports Psychology Certified Coach  (Spencer Institute)
  • Acumobility L1
  • Precision Nutrition L1

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  1. Hello I’m coming here because I saw your post about Elsa. Just wondering if you would consider doing a 2-year-old’s birthday on Saturday and if so how much? it will be an outdoor event. Located in North Attleboro you can reach me at 774-254-4366 and my name is Pam.
    Thank you and have an awesome day

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