GETAWAY TRIP ANNOUNCEMENT❗️ June 8-10, 2018 at The Westin Resort and Spa in Snowmass, Colorado!


STRONGwomen lift each other up! Life brings other strong women to us to teach us, support us, make us better humans, and to collaborate with on shared passions.
Excited to announce I will be a featured speaker at the “Crossroads of Fitness Getaway ’18”. I’ll be speaking about going on “the other side of the gym”, building muscle, gym intimidation, how to care less about the negative comments women who lift get, and of course my beloved sport, strongman!
I’ll be alongside Fitness Competitor & Olympic Lifter Abbie Elsner. I could not be more honored to be apart and headline Garrett Wood and Lauren Palm’s at Crossroads of Fitness first annual retreat in CO in June 2018! 

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Pro Strongwoman, athlete, & coach 3rd Strongest MW Woman🌎‘17/18 #BDimezTraining ™️: empowering others through strength

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