Why do people in other strength sports tend to think their sport is “better”?


Headed to work the #cutlerclassic and it got me thinking to how so many times people in the strength community look down at other sports. “I’d never do strongman because I don’t want to be huge” or, “I would never bodybuild because I don’t want to lose my strength. Or my favorite, “is there any difference between powerlifting and strongman?” 🤔Have RESPECT for other sports in the strength world, for the most part we are all goal-oriented individuals who ❤️lifting weight. I am fortunate to have good friends in all 3 sports and am saddened by how judgmental many others are towards one another. Lift, eat, cardio, compete, stay natural, take steroids, get plastic surgery, don’t get plastic surgery…do whatever the hell makes YOU HAPPY. For me that’s lifting heavy ass weight, bicep flexin’ on them 💪, sometimes doing cardio, and sometimes eating everything but I know for one thing, I’m happy!

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