BDimez Training- Pro Strongwoman & Coach 

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BDimez is a  Pro Strongwoman with a passion for breaking stereotypes and helping guide others on their pursuit to strength. Her goal is to show others, at any level, what strength can do for their quality of life.

If you are thinking about getting involved in any strength sport or program, I urge you to stop thinking and just do it! No amount of thinking, reading, researching or debating is better than just starting.

see online coaching inquiries for pricing and how to get trained by BDimez

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Check out @playagainnow latest blog post with insight from @1jill_mills @jamiepoppchristenson @strongwomankristinrhodes @strongwoman_brittenycornelius and myself talking about the growth of strongWOMEN, the addition of the pro class and more. Highly recommend @playagainnow — the Hyaluronic acid keeps my joints feeling good, and most health insurance companies will not cover the Hyaluronic injunctions known to help with inflammation/pain management. Also, very excited to see the turnout at "Connecticut Strongest Man/Women" this Saturday at @lightningfitness860, I've decided to jump in with the heavyweight women, last minute but I was going to be there to cheer on friends/clients and decided why not. 😊

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