“Brittany is absolutely amazing! She has coached me through this last competition I just competed in. I had so much going on during this training period, but she has been there for me and kept me encourage Throughout the whole training period. I’m so thankful and excited to have her as my coach. In just a short amount of time I’ve watch how much I’ve grown and my strength increase. I’m more focus and my drive is ten times better. Brittany is very knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to the coaching I’ll be receiving for Nationals! I would definitely recommend Brittany to anyone looking for a coach. Oh and she use to run track!”

-DeJanee Marqulla White, MWW Strongwoman 20106287_10155565891457059_4757908655524115580_n“Getting programming from Brittany was the best decision I have made so far in my lifting career. She is very knowledgeable and super sweet. She is always willing to answer additional questions outside of our check ins. I am very impressed with not only her programs but also the results I’ve seen using her as my coach. Using her program, I won my first strongman competition! If you are considering any strength sports, training for a competition, or just want to get stronger, her programming is definitely worth checking into! I highly recommend it! – “- Katie St. Clair 1st place finisher MWW Intense Strongman Comp Jan 2016


Brittany , one of the strongest women I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know and call a friend. I remember watching her on her very first competition. It was because of her that I fell in love with the strongman. It was like watching a strong Barbie killing it on her first comp, and I said to myself, “I want to be strong just like her!”. The strength, the drive. I was in awe!She was my go to girl for questions and tips for when I was training for my very first competition. She provided good tips on the farmers hold, a better way to pick up a sandbag , and my arch enemy, the keg! I can’t thank her enough for being such a great support.  I know who I will be going to for any questions and tips. I like to call myself her #1 fan!”-Charo Velazquez, novice strongwoman competitor


“Brittany just recently helped me get on track with a program to help me prepare for my first lifting competition in the spring. Over the course of the past 8 weeks she has helped me with her detailed programming and critiqued my form to address weaknesses. She is a great trainer and I feel as though my strength and physical abilities have improved a lot thanks to her help.”  -Sara Francis novice powerlifter at Merrimack College  18723493_1931890790421557_516007210711515136_n(1)