Programs and Training

This is an 8-week, 3 days a week program. This program will build your posterior chain, quads, core strength, and includes compound movements, unilateral movements, and accessory work. So you can execute with precision, I have video links for every warm-up and exercise of me demoing and explaining proper form. Included with the program is detailed instructions, tips for mind-muscle connection, reps, sets, tempo, rest time, and how to find the proper weight that works for YOU. I have divided it up weekly as the weights/reps/sets will change week to week. I have included tips for how to keep yourself accountable as well. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
WHAT YOU NEED: Access to a gym with machines, dumbbells, barbell/smith machine. Recommended but not needed is a mini band.


Interested in getting in shape? Lifting? Improve overall physique? Possibly competing? The pursuit to strength is a physical and mental journey that improves your quality of your life. I will design a plan based on attainable goals to help ensure you success. You will also become a member of an online support group I manage for those that train under me. My goal is to not only improve your health & fitness but to help foster relationships, unlock opportunities and become a member of a new community.

I offer custom online training that includes full workout plans: warm up, mobility, compound movements, accessory (based on weaknesses), conditioning, cardio schedules and video critique. In order to best serve you, I need to build a relationship to see what works best for you. To do this in a remote setting requires communication and commitment on the clients end.

 For online coaching inquiries:

Please fill out the form below with a little about yourself and your goals so I can determine if we are a good fit. From there, I will send you plan options and an additional client questionnaire.

COACHING: 20% off all military, police officer, paramedic, EMT, first responder, and nurses and 10 % off single parent.

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