Product Recommendations

I am not loyal to any particular brand of supplements. I have tried numerous brands over the years and take note of how they effect me and research the ingredients. *Please remember to do your own research prior to consuming anything as everyone is unique and a current medication/supplement may interfere.

Mobility Products

Strongman must haves

Must reads: non fiction books As an avid reader and believer that you hold the power for a better life, I’ve always turned to books for inspiration. As a coach, I often recommend books to my clients. Being physically fit is only one component to training. The mental aspect is often overlooked and I feel is the most important part of any training plan. In order to better your life you must better yourself and that starts with mentality. A book can help you shift your perspective and give you tools, tips, and tricks that you can start applying right away for a more enriched life.

Skin care/makeup favorites: As someone who has struggled with problematic/acne prone skin, I’ve tried everything in the book. Below are some of my favorites that help my skin. AM: Vitamin C, anti-aging moisturizer/SPF for acne prone skin PM: Murad clarifying toner, retinol (a few times a week), moisturizer every other week: Dermaplaning (helps my skin look/feel smoother and absorb product better).

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