“I’ve always wanted to lift those stone things, but I don’t think I could ever do that.”

The beauty of strongman and strength training is anyone can do it, but it’s vital to learn proper technique. In a seminar/workshop setting you will be given the chance to get one on one coaching, ask questions, and meet a bunch of awesome new people. All experiences welcome!


301 Strong: Seminar in Maryland: April 12th & April 13th  2019

Friday Night Private Event. On Friday night, we’ve arranged a private coaching seminar with Brittany (limited to 8 registrations) ideal for anyone coaching or programming in strongman. This is a different setting than Saturday morning, and not intended for the regular strongman athlete. Instruction will be informal half-circle classroom style, with whiteboard discussions and some work on unloaded movement patterns. This session will focus on coaching and cueing the strongman movements and designing training plans, across all ages and ability levels. This event is kept purposefully small so we can eat together and talk candidly, learning together as professionals growing the sport that has grown us.

April 13, 2019. This will be a small group training format (registration capped at 20) with Brittany teaching us warmup, contest preparation, technique cues, and fatigue management. Bring your questions. Brittany will be communicating with attendees leading up to the event to hear from us what events are giving us the most trouble so she can prepare appropriately. This event is ideal both for someone currently training strongman, whether or not you’re competing, and for someone interested in getting started in the sport. Ages 15+

If interested in having me host a seminar at your facility, please contact me with details below: